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Queries design

WinOptics includes already a feature for creating queries. In some cases however (when a great number of database tables need to be used), this can prove difficult.


Our proposal

You simply describe the result you would like to obtain (data to display, selection criteria, sorting order, etc.) and we will send you a SQL code that you only need to import into WinOptics' query feature.


For example : I'd like to obtain the list of all clients who didn't come to the store for the last 2 years and to whom I had sold a pair of eyeglasses worth more than US$200" or "I'd like to have a list of the 5 brands that sold best between 2003 and 2004, sorted by supplier

Once the query is installed in your copy of WinOptics, you can use it and modify it as much as you like, with no additional cost.


How long does it take? ?

The time to process your request will depend on the complexity of the query. On average it takes 2 business days.


How much does it cost?

The basic service costs 50 Eur w/o VAT. In the case your query is particularly complex, or if you are asking for multiple queries, we will send you a free estimate. If for any reason the query is not feasible, we will tell you promptly at no cost.

For any additional information about this service, please contact us.



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