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WinOptics for free!

On this page, you can download the free demo version of WinOptics to install and use on your computer.

This version is exactly the same as the regular version except that database tables are limited to only 25 records per table. If you like WinOptics and you would like to remove this limitation, you will be able to purchase a license and obtain a user key.

You can use the demo version with no time limit.
If after this trial period you are not convinced that WinOptics can greatly enhance the operation of your store, all you have to do is uninstall it.

follow the steps below: :

1. Complete the form

In order to download the free demo version, you need to register by completing the form below. You need to have a valid email address.
  Your e-mail :
 Name or store :
 Adress :
 City :
 Country :
 Which software do you
currently use
  How did you
 know WinOptics

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This information will only be used internally and will in no way be communicated to a third party.


2. Check your Email

A couple of minutes after your registration, you will receive a confirmation Email that indicates the link where you can download of WinOptics.

You did not receive any Email?

The procedure normally takes a couple of minutes. If you have not received anything within 24 hours, please contact our technical support or try to register again.


3. Download the install file

Click on the link indicated in the Email in order to download and install the demo version. You can also download the complete user manual or your local zip codes by clicking on the following links.

Useful links :

    User manual

    Zip codes

    Data recovery

Additional information: :

Before launching the installation, take a moment to verify that you have the required configuration and close all open applications on your computer. Using the demo version requires the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

you experience any problem while downloading or installing WinOptics, please contact our technical support. .

Network Installation (multi-station):

You can install WinOptics in a network configuration. In order to do so, you just need to install the demo version on each computer and to change the database path on each secondary computer, from the menu Tools/Options/Network to make it point toward the database located on your server. You can find more information about this by clicking on the link below..

  Using a network



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